For Sale/Wanted

For Sale;
Multiplex Xeno, glider, with carry bag, no decals,
36″ 3 channel electric glider, ‘Round To It’ by Mountain Models, with servo’s, motor & plans.
40″ span electric glider, ‘Wolfie’ needs some work doing to it, with servo’s, motor & plans.

Vintage Models, ‘Minimoa 50’ Glider, short kit, no plans,
Park Scale Models ‘Gannet’ electric power, 27.5″span, kit only.
West Wings, Lockheed Stealth (rubber powered) 23″ span

Indoor Flyers;
Squeek by Flightline, R/C, kit
Micron Models, Elipsa VS, R/C kit

Hubsan X4 camera drone, with tx & spare battery, no charger.
Syma X5SW camera drone, with tx, spare batteries & blades, no charger.
E-Flite Heli, tx spare battery, no charger, (dodgy connection on power lead)

Futaba 6EX 2.4, with rx, 6 channel, no charger,
Hitec Optic 6, 35meg, 8 model memory, with charger,
Spektrum DX5E, 2.4, DSMS, no charger, damaged aerial.

Lipo Batteries, Unchecked.
Hi Energy, 2s1p, 650mah 30C qty2
Lite-Storm, 2s 350mah 26C qty1
Hyperion, 2s 850mah, 25C qty1
PowerPoly, 3s, 1800mah, 40C, qty2
DualSky, 3s, 3200mah,35C qty1
Hyperion, 4s, 2500mah, 20C, qty1
TY, 1s, 780mah, qty2

Battery Connectors.
Code 407401 Connectors Red (Female) New, qty 7
Code 407402 Connectors Red (Male) New qty1

Bits for Park Flyers & Indoor.
Including servo’s

Selection of undercarriage wheels
also selection of 3 & 6 blade electric fans,
motors, various sizes.

Please contact John Morgan, 01803 551893 for more details


For Sale

Twisted Hobbys Edge 540 v3 SuperLITE
T-motor AT 2204 -21 kv-1800
Also comes with ESC and RX of course
Plane has been flown but not crashed or bashed up but has a little hanger rash if you look close and the spats could do with new or straighten up a little,       £65

HK Galaxy High-Performance Indoor 3D Plane £60

Contact Grant Taylor,  07887887543


For Sale;

further information from Mike Williams,